Friday, 25 July 2014

Girls Mobile Numbers: Sanam Want to Be Mobile Friend

Girls Mobile Number - Girls Phone Number

Here I am telling you about a dazzling girl who is interesting in mobile friendship and want to have more friends on mobile phone for talking and chatting. Here one of these girls from Lahore city. Here Sanam is sharing her thoughts with you to be your friend.

She is a 20 years old girl and she is doing BSCS in Lahore University. I am very attractive and beautiful smart looking girl. I have 5 2’ height. I am from normal family of Lahore city. I have many friends in my university but I want to make more true and honest friends for mobile friendship. I will prefer to those boys and girls who have free time for friends and also want to be true and loyal friend. One thing keep in mind that I really hate those males and females who just do friendship for time pass and this is too bad.

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 I experienced lots of people who do friendship just fro time pass. I visited this site few days ago. I decided to join this cite to make more friends because I found it very useful. I watched lots of Lahorian girls and boys here who joined this site just make more friends across Pakistan. Most of the girls and boys post girls mobile number here.

 By visiting this site I understood that many people need friends and true friendship for mobile friendship especially our new generation is very curious about this. I like only sincere and true friendship with Lahori boys and girls. I want to spend my time with my friends for fun and joy and make my life happy. I love to go outside and we will enjoy after friendship if you will be my friend. If you are interested to be my friend then comment below in comments box.

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Name: Sanam
Height: 5 2’
Location: Lahore
Mobile Number: 03009237990